In the surroundings of our ranch, which you can find in Blatná Polianka there are many well-known or lesser-known destinations for tourism, recreation and holidays. Blatná Polianka lies 24 kilometers far from Michalovce and 12 kilometers far from the town of Sobrance.


Senné ponds

More and more ornitologists and people that are fond of nature from all over Slovakia and Europe are being attracted to visit the observation towers recently built to enable easy observation of birdlife in the area of the ponds.

Morské Oko

Morské Oko is found in the protected Eastern Carpathian area 618 meters above the sea level and it is a state natural reserve with protected flora and fauna. It is the largest volcanic lake in Slovakia and it covers an area of 13 hectars.

Zemplínska Šírava

Zemplínska Šírava is the 12th largest water surface in Europe and it has extraordinarily favorable conditions for swimming, water sports and fishing.

Sninský kameň

Sninský kameň is the most outstanding dominating feature of the Snina surroundings. It has been declared a protected natural area since 1982 and it covers an area of 5.52 hectars.


The Vihorlatské hills is one of the easternmost mountain ranges of Slovakia. They are part of the Carpathian arch and they are of volcanic origin.