Senné ponds

National Natural Reserve Senné ponds is located 2 km from village Blatná Polianka and Senné. More and more ornitologists and people that are fond of nature from all over Slovakia and Europe are being attracted to visit the observation towers recently built to enable easy observation of birdlife in the area of the ponds.

Bird paradise

The wealth of occurrence of bird species giving rise to the inclusion of this site to IBAs and in 1990 to the Ramsar site. Until now, the reported incidence 145 kinds of birds, including 55 breeding and for 25 kinds of ponds are the only or the most important breeding sites in Slovakia.

The reserve is a population of rare, endangered and critically endangered species (five kinds worldwide and 53 kinds of pan-European endangered). Due to the quality of its fauna in it regularly, there are substantial numbers of individuals of different species of aquatic birds (eg. Silvery Grebe, Cormorant, Purple Heron, Great Egret, Little Egret, Spoonbill, Pied avocet, black fisherman, fisherman swamp harrier). In NNR Senne ponds apply the strictest fifth level of protection.

Todays bird location Senné is spreading over 14.4 square kilometers and includes:

  • natural reserv
  • system of breeding ponds
  • surrounding grassfields

From the ranch you can also take the newly constructed nature trail around the ponds and the cycle path labeled with a short description of fauna and flora.

You can find several options to accommodate at our ranch.